Microblading Aftercare and Maintenance

Follow our post care instructions for the best results.

Our Microblading techniques can create the perfect set of eyebrows. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and dedication to meeting our client’s needs. To ensure that you get the natural, healthy looking brows you want, it is important that you follow our Microblading Aftercare Instructions.

*Note: Failure to follow the post care instructions may result in loss of pigment, scarring, infection or discoloration.*

Aftercare Tips

Taking care of the area of skin where microblading took place is similar to tattoo care, if a bit more intensive. The pigment immediately following the procedure will appear quite dark, and the skin underneath will be red. About two hours after microblading, you should run a wet cotton swab that has been dipped in sterilized water over the area. This will get rid of any excess dye that’s on your brows. It will also keep the area sterile. It will take anywhere from 7-14 days for the skin to begin to appear healed and for the pigment to fade to its regular shade.

Follow these steps to properly take care of your skin after procedures:

* Wash your face twice a day with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

  • Apply a thin amount of Cetaphil Healing Cream twice a day.

* Don’t wear makeup for at least a week or until scabs fall off over the area.

* Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area.

* Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating until the area is completely healed and you have a follow-up appointment.

* Keep your hair away from your brow line.




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